About the approval of 08.08.2019 of new edition Of the public offer of NCO "Payments and Settlements" (JSC)

Dear customers!
"Payments and Settlements "(JSC) hereby notifies You of the approval on 08.08.2019 of the new version Of the public offer of "Payments and Settlements" (JSC) for the provision of services for the transfer of funds on behalf of an individual using a Bank card.
In the new version of the offer, which comes into force from 09.08.2019, item 5.2 was changed. in terms of sending a statement, including claims, on the quality of services.
In Annex 3, "List of States whose payer Card and recipient card Issuers can be used for the Transfer", 2 countries were added: Hong Kong and South Africa.

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The core business of the FI ayments and Settlements (JSC) is the implementation of funds transfers on behalf of individuals using bank (payment) cards of the international payment systems "VISA Inc.", "MasterCard Worldwide" and the Russian national payment system MIR.